We bring creative thinking and meticulous planning to corporate events


Creative, innovative & seamless events

We bring creative thinking, problem solving, meticulous planning and clear communications to your corporate event.

Seamless on site delivery across Brazil, Spain, Florida and Portugal.

Our award-winning team of skilled event professionals support the comprehensive destination services we offer.


We have created big and small, complex and simple, long and short, national and international, global and regional, fun, serious and spectacular events!

From cultural programmes, passing by team building and sports activities, to uniquely themed events!

Priceless experiences, always!


Clear Budget Management

You will always know everything that is charged to your event. Every detail will be identified with its respective cost.

We're always on site with you

Our team is always present throughout your event, and we'll make sure that any last-minute changes are taken care on time.

Quality Partners Selection

We have a comprehensive procurement process. We only work with professional, insured and financially stable partners who consistently deliver a high level of service.

Destination Expertise

Our team of destination experts can always find the venue that best suits your event.

Risk Mitigation

We analyse each step of your event to identify and minimize all the possible risks. We always have a backup plan, to ensure that your event runs smoothly.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We have a process in place to donate your event's extra materials and food and we design activities that give back to the community.

Creative & Innovative Solutions

Our team always align solutions to your company culture and objectives.

Contract Negotiation

We make sure you get the best value for your investment.



Contact us by email or phone: brief@eventsbytlc.com